Never buy a puppy from a pet shop, ads in the newspaper or online, because it is likely that they come from places like this.
Puppy farms keep their dogs in small confined cages or pens. They are forced to produce litter after litter, until they get to an age where their bodies can no longer produce any more litters. They are then killed.

Dogs that are purchased from puppy farms will either grow up to have health issues or  behavioural problems, This is because they have not been socialised properly due to living in a filthy pen and/or a pet shop window. Puppy farms only breed because of demand.
So make sure that when you’re going to adopt your puppy, that you view the breeder’s property to ensure that the puppies and their parents have been well looked after and are healthy, Make sure that they aren’t living in conditions like the puppies in these photos.
Buy from a registered reputable breeder or even better, adopt.

Help ban puppy farms by not supporting the trade. 

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